NABBA Nationals

September 13, 2003 Harrisburg, PA
On Sept. 13th I entered the 2003 Nabba USA BB Championships in Middletown, PA.
After spending 18 years in the NPC and finding some of the practices that took place at some of the National level shows to be illegitimate at best, I decided to give the Nabba organization a try in hopes of it restoring some faith that top level BB shows can actually be judged fair & legitmate. What I found with with the Nabba organization is not only was it more corrupt but ran very poorly compared to most NPC shows. I stepped on stage weighing a hard & lean 260 lbs. at 5'9 and not taking anything away from some good quality master's & state level competitors but I clearly outclassed my competition leaving no doubt to those who were in attendance who the clear and definite winner of the show was. In all my years of BB I have never won a show so easily in my entire career and with talking with most of my competitors there was no doubt in their minds who the overall winner of this show was going to be. I was placed 2nd in my division and when you view these pictures that I am posting, I think you will find it a total disgrace what the Nabba organization did to me and to the sport of bodybuilding. They should be ashamed!

There is no reasonable angle they could use to justify that decision. I outweighed the illegit winner by 65 lbs and was an inch or so shorter. I also had far more muscle quality, balance, symetry and my overall leaness was at least on par if not more than his, in some aspects. You view the pictures and you decide. I mean no insult to Hugh Ross (the winner) and in his own right he looked fantastic as a master competitor, but in reality was only an average state level competitor. He had a pretty good upper body but his legs lacked far behind. I wish him success & all the best. He had nothing to do with this corrupt and fixed decision made by the judges and more than likely the President of Nabba. I would highly recommend anyone considering competing in the Nabba not to do so. The stage was poorly lighted and there was very little money put into the production of it. There was only approx. 100 - 150 spectators for the evening show. Far less than your average local NPC show and this was supposed to be a National show!

If I would have found this organization to be legit, I would have started a few regional shows here in the Northwest and would have been a great asset to the organization. Upon winning that show, I would have planned on competing in the Mr. Univese on Oct. 11th which, I honestly feel, I would have had a good chance at bringing the title back to the United States if I was allowed to win what I should have easily won. The person they allowed to win would not place in the top 15 in that show. So, not only did they make an unfair decision ,but they also made a bad business decision too. It was a very sad day for the sport of bodybuilding and for my career.

On a positive note, I had my wonderful wife Debbie, daughter Alyssa there along with good friend Jasmine Baker, and some other wonderful friends who drove a long distance to watch me compete so thanks to :
Mike & Tom, Gerry & Pete, Stan & Mar and Jane. A Big thanks also to Steve Colscott & Joe Lobelle for covering the show.

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